Soundings Fall Concerts!

"A Touch of Frost"

Saturday, December 13, 2014
8:00 PM
Oak Bay United Church
1355 Mitchell St.,
Oak Bay, BC

Sunday, December 14, 2014
2:30 PM
St Mary's Anglican Church
1973 Cultra, Saanichton, BC

$15 seniors & students

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Glory Hallelujah
Take Your Girl Out
Song for a Winter's Night

Soundings - May 2013

The Soundings Vocal Ensemble was founded in September of 2001 by Denis Donnelly, who is also the Co-Director of the Gettin' Higher Choir.  Denis was the recipient of the 2010 Herbert Drost Award from the British Columbia Choral Federation for his contributions to choral music throughout British Columbia.

Soundings is an auditioned group of 26 singers who seek to present music that is entertaining, innovative, and tightly rehearsed.

The Soundings repertoire is made up of a highly eclectic mix of music from many traditions, at the core of which are the arrangements of its Director.  This music includes arrangements of songs by contemporary songwriters such as James Taylor, The Roches, and Sinead O'Connor, among many others, but also includes choral music from the Renaissance and Baroque, as well as folk song arrangements and songs from both the African-American and white gospel traditions.

A Soundings concert is always a diverse trip through the world of music.

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Denis Donnelly

(250) 544-4393


Margaret Chilibeck
Beate Felker
Louise Friesen
Mary Gibson
Kathleen Kane
Jill Kirby
Sheilagh McIvor
Kathryn Ponech

Lynne Donnelly
Elaine LaRiviere
Kanoux Larsen
Susan Mooney
Anu Patel
Lynda Raino
Janet Stark

Mike Atkinson
Peter Dueck
Brian Grady
John Hilditch
Jim Mooney

Richard Baldwin

Greg LaRiviere
Bruce McCormack
Glenn Tsang
Chris Wakefield
Clive Wright